Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In my search for making money online, I found three free ways to earn money online.
1. Blogging: some people are earning a lot of money through their blogs.

What is a blog? A blog is short for web log. It is an online journal. You can write your thoughts,
views,activities,upload photos and videos and have it published! It is free to sign up on publishing sites like Blogger and Triond. Your blog gives you the opportunity to earn online.

2. Internet Marketing: some marketers have made their millions in Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing is also known as eMarketing and Online Marketing.It is the marketing
of products or services online. There are retailers online where you can sign up for free to be
their affiliates. You earn commission when you sell their products. One such retailer isClickbank.

3.Joining Redgage: Redgage is a website where you can earn by doing what you are already doing online
places like Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and others. Redgage pays you for your online contents.
Joining Redgage is free!
So if you want to make money online now, start Blogging, Internet Marketing and Redgaging!

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