Sunday, August 30, 2009


As a Means of Making Money

I became interested in searching the internet on how to make money online when I watched some people being interviewed in one of our local TV stations telling that they are making a lot of money just by blogging. Being new to using the computer (I belong to the old school where we just had 6 units of computer education and no hands on after that since computers cost a lot of money), I started searching the internet about blogging.

This blog, In Search for Making Money Online will be about topics that I came across and will come across which I think are important in making money online.

Although I am a newbie in blogging and still searching for making money online, I know this blog will be helpful to those who are new to blogging and to those who are in search for making money online. And to the Gurus, you are very much welcome to share your knowledge here.

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