Monday, September 28, 2009


Some Tips on Writing

In my search for making money online, one of the common advises of successful bloggers is staying focused. An advise that I was not able to follow. I got sidetracked. I could not help it. I was enjoying browsing the photos that were uploaded at REDGAGE by the members. From the photos, one can learn about the lives of other people. Events and things that are captured by the camera. I like to read also the profiles of other members there and their articles. I am learning a lot there.

In my search for making money online, another common advise of successful bloggers is to start writing and keep on writing. I read that one should not aim for perfection at the start. One should aim in doing it,WRITE.Once you start writing, keep on writing.

I was not able to follow this advise again because I had so many reasons. When I first heard about blogging, I did some reading then started to blog. I did some 2 to 3 blogs and some I had posted 2 or 3 posts then nothing.

One reason why I stopped was, I wasn't writing very well. I was ashamed to tell about my blogs so for a long time, I was the only viewer of my blogs.

Another reason, my attention was diverted from writing. In my search for making money online, I came across those paid to click websites. I spent one year doing that and I never received payment. If only I continued writing, my writing would have improved by now.

One advise of the successful bloggers is Self discipline. I am hoping I could discipline myself so I could write even one article a day. In a month, I would be able to write 30 articles. Well, I will tell you if I will be able to do that.

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  1. Inspiring. I know how it feels being the only viewer of your own blog. Im also new at blogging and sometimes it really gets frustrating when you write for your self for you to read it.